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Our business is underpinned by the mutually complementary expertise of our design office, our manufacturing workshops and our installation teams. This allows us to offer you a suitable solution tailored perfectly to your requirements at every stage of your project.

Our production units

Given the variety of fit-outs and their complexity, we apply from our wide-ranging expertise drawn from both traditional and cutting-edge techniques in order to ensure quality and competitiveness that benefit you and your project. Our design office, our production workshops with their state-of-the-art equipment and our experts in the various materials (solid surfaces, wood, glass and natural stone) all offer outstanding know-how. This comprehensive and multidisciplinary capability means we can provide you with guidance and support throughout your project, with a focus on transparency and trust at all times.


Riviera Agencement
92, chemin du Val Fleuri
Le Syrina Bat. A-207
06 800 Cagnes-sur-Mer - France
T  + 33 9 80 87 72 05
M + 33 6 60 46 97 13

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