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Our business is underpinned by the mutually complementary expertise of our design office, our manufacturing workshops and our installation teams. This allows us to offer you a suitable solution tailored perfectly to your requirements at every stage of your project.


Technical description
With regard to its decorative applications, glass is an indispensable material. What’s more, there is an extensive range of glass solutions in terms of functionality and machining and shaping techniques. Glass is hygienic, has excellent insulation values and is a safe material thanks to toughening or lamination. It also offers an infinite variety of decoration options in respect of colours and designs.

Conceptual options
A conceptual element in its own right, glass is no longer limited to openings and partitions. It is now widely used in interior fit-out for its insulating, protecting and aesthetic qualities or its solidity, the beauty of glass residing in its simplicity. Today anything, or almost anything, can be produced in glass.

• Transparent, matt, light-diffusing or lacquered surfaces
• Engraved, microbead-blasted or roughened surfaces
• Laminated structures with use of decorative or technical films


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