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Our business is underpinned by the mutually complementary expertise of our design office, our manufacturing workshops and our installation teams. This allows us to offer you a suitable solution tailored perfectly to your requirements at every stage of your project.

Natural stone

Technical description
Extracted from quarries all around the world, natural stone is selected for its specific geological characteristics or its colour. Whatever its type – marble, granite, onyx, slate, limestone – it is hard-wearing, impermeable after treatment and naturally environmentally friendly.

Conceptual options
Worked using both craft techniques and new digital machining and chemical treatment technologies, natural stone can be supplied in the form of blocks or facings offering an infinite choice of sizes and configurations. Indoors or outdoors, it adds visual elegance, authenticity and luxury to any project.

• Smooth matt, satin or glossy surfaces
• Surfaces with machined, sandblasted or engraved decorative relief designs
• Light-diffusing surfaces for lighting management


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